First Deus Ex 3 details emerge

Written by Joe Martin

October 6, 2008 | 10:04

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News has started to creep out about the massively anticipated sequel to one of the best PC games ever, with Deus Ex 3 now confirmed as a prequel to the first and monstrously significant game.

Originally created by Warren Spector's Ion Storm team, the widely acclaimed first game told the tale of technologically augmented secret agent JC Denton as he unravelled a conspiracy that reached through the highest levels of world government.Negative reaction to the second game however means that many are watching Deus Ex 3 closely in case it falls into the same trap - especially since Warren Spector and his original team have no connection to the project which is now being developed at Eidos Montreal.

Details on the third game in the series are still a little sketchy, but PC Zone has managed to get the scoop on a few things and we know that the game will definitely be a prequel to the original Deus Ex.

The game will apparently be set in 2027 and players will be cast as Adam Jensen, a security guard at a lab specialising in the first generation of bio-tech augs. Adam's life is thrown into chaos though when a black-ops team slaughters everyone in the lab using a last resort containment plan that you actually designed.

Eidos Montreal have promised to stay close to the ethic of the original game too, offering plenty of different routes for players as well as the ability to customise weapons with scopes, silencers and mods. The stealth system is also being completely updated to rely on a cover-based system and not a shadow-based system; you're no longer 100 percent invisible if you're standing in the shade.

Eidos has confirmed there will be at least twenty augmentations in the game too, ranging from the ability to punch through walls and grab enemies on the other side to a Doctor Octopus-like ability to grow tentacles from your spine to help you climb up and down buildings.

Controversially however, Deus Ex 3 is going to adopt a recharging health-system similar to that seen in Call of Duty. Let us know whether you think that's a good or bad thing in the forums.
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