VIA girls in QuakeCon clean sweep

Written by Geoff Richards

August 15, 2005 | 14:45

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In the first ever official Ms QuakeCon tournament, held as part of the 3-day marathon fragfest that is Quakecon over the weekend in Texas, the VIA-sponsored Girlz 0f Destruction clan took out the first three placings to win a combined US$30,000 between them.

The girls duked it out in the classic Quake III Arena against approx 125 others, competing in first a Free-For-All in groups of eight on Q3DM17, and then standard double-elimination tournament format on Pro-Q3Tourney4, Pro-Q3DM6, Hub3aeroq3 and Ztn3Tourney1, one-on-one over 15 minutes.

VIA, the Taiwanese semiconductor manufacturer, recently signed a sponsorship deal with Clan g0d to assist them financially in attending tournaments, and also to raise awareness of competitive girl gaming. VIA's Keith Kowal had ringside seats:

"On the gaming front the action could not have been hotter. In the Ms.Quakecon competition coming from the loser bracket Missy faced off against Trito with a very tight game. In the end Missy prevailed and proceeded to the finale with Trito automatically taking 3rd place. At the evening finale Missy and Ms.X (the reigning Ms.Quakecon champion) went head to head. As Ms.X came from the winners bracket she just needed to win once, while Missy had to win twice.

For the first game Missy was on fire playing on her favourite map soundly beating Ms.X 12-2. After a short break a second map was chosen that turned out to be Ms.X’s favourite. The action was very nail biting with the girls going one-for-one for two thirds of the game. Then towards the end Missy racked up a bunch of kills and ended the game 11-4. All in all the Girlz of Destruction had a very impressive tournament finishing 1-2-3 and firmly established their clan’s dominance in the first person genre."

g0d_trito aka Therese Andersson, 26 from Överkalix, Sweden won US$5,000 for placing third, g0d_Ms.X aka Alana Reid, 24 from Vancouver, Canada and one of two clan leaders took out second place and won a handy US$10,000. But there could be only one winner: g0d_Missy aka Jamie Pereyda, just 18 years old from San Jose, California. Jamie is also a g0d clan leader, and takes home the Champion's cheque of US$15,000. Check out VIAVGA for the full report.

Here are the lovely ladies with their winners cheques:

In a very 21st Century romantic twist, Ms.X celebrated her second place with boyfriend of 2 years, "Gopher", who won US$25,000 by taking our first place in the DOOM 3 tournament; they first met at QuakeCon! If you want to hear more from the girls, VIA Arena are hosting a couple of podcast interviews.

Does your better half thrash you at Quake III? Could you be a stay-at-home Dad while your wife goes out and earns the money, as a professional cyberathlete no less? Why is it that no guy can stand losing to a girl, yet almost any chick instantly becomes 50 times more attractive when you find out she's a gamer? Lots of topics to explore in the News Discussion forum.
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