Gamer gets crucified... err, weird?

Written by Ryan Garside

March 24, 2006 | 12:02

Tags: #gamer #mmorpg #online

The first ever virtual crucifixion is scheduled to take place in Redbedlam’s new MMORPG Roma Victor.

The ancient punishment will be handed out to Cynewulf, a 27 year old gamer from Flint, Michigan. The wannabe Roman has been engaging in ‘ganking’, a group attack on new players, an offence which is punishable by a 7 day stint on the cross.


The CEO of Redbedlam, Kerry Fraser Robinson, had this to say:

“Roma Victor has been designed from the outset to offer an historically authentic and realistic virtual world. Although crucifixion is nowadays synonymous with persecution and religious symbolism, in 180CE it was just one of many severe punishments used by the Romans to punish criminals and to send a clear message out to other potential wrong-doers. And since our online world is historically authentic, we feel that applying this punishment to cheats, hackers and other virtual wrongdoers is not only appropriate, but also adds to the gaming experience by resonating with classical history."

The game is undergoing the final testing phases and is scheduled for a 1st July release date.

The game features social interaction on a massive scale, freestyle and mission-led gameplay, one on one combat in the Colosseum, tactical warfare on the battlefields of Europe and a 'deeply rich and varied non-combat crafting and skill system'.

Roma Victor will not charge subscriptions fees, but will instead use an in game currency similar in many respects to Project Entropia, which we reported on previously.

Looking forward to evading crucifixion in ancient Rome? Let us know in the forums.
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