Gamers think about sex way too much

Written by Joe Martin

July 23, 2007 | 15:38

Tags: #crysis #experimental #independant #me #money #sex #word

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My mum used to say that when a man isn't thinking about sex then he's busy avoiding doing the cleaning, and Kyle Gabler, founder of indie development studio 2D Boy, has finally managed to prove her right. Which is very nice of him, if you ask me.

Founder of the Experimental Gameplay Project, which encourages to create small and stylish indie games and give them away for free (staff favourites include Attack of the Killer Swarm and the horrendously addictive Tower of Goo Unlimited), Kyle has been working hard on an experimental game called Human Brain Cloud.

The game basically involves a massive word association experiment, the results of which are gathered together into viewable clouds. The game has reportedly gathered over 800,000 associations, connecting over 100,000 unique phrases.

Kyle has recently revealed his most recent statistics from the data-gathering game and, you guessed it, 'sex' is the most submitted word in the entire game.

Arriving in second place was 'me', shortly followed by 'money' - thus proving that all gamers are just horny, greedy, egotists who probably scour the internet for ways to make quick cash all day (with one hand).

Human Brain Cloud, along with all the other games hosted, is free to play, so why not check it out?

What do you think about most? Does this game count as art? Discuss in the forums, if you're not...uhh, busy.
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