Gamestop looking to fund exclusive DLC

Written by David Hing

July 11, 2014 | 11:50

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US game retailer Gamestop is looking to put up funding for games in exchange for gameplay only available from its shops, according to and investment company.

Talking to VentureBeat, investment company R.W. Baird analyst Colin Sebastian said that the retailers is looking into the possibility of ‘getting involved at the time of game development’ in order to score exclusive content.

While this exclusive content appears to refer to the sort of small cosmetic items that are currently already offered as retail exclusives, Gamestop has not ruled out the possibility that future investment models might include offering exclusive gameplay as well.

A note to investors from Sebastian also acquired states that publishers are keen to partner with Gamestop for this arrangement.

Fears have been expressed that this sort of investment could disrupt the game development process on an artistic level, but Gamestop has clarified that it is not interested in being involved in the creative process in response to questions asked by Eurogamer. The retailer further insists this is merely a continuation on the sort of exclusive content deals it currently engages in.

Exactly what sort of exclusive content would be expected in return for this level of investment is unclear. At present, Gamestop and other retailers often get unique in-game items including costumes, weapons or occasionally a whole level as incentives for gamers to pre-order at their brick and mortar stores.
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