Gaming in bed more popular than sex

Written by Joe Martin

March 11, 2008 | 11:03

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You like computer games, right? And you like your bed, yeah? I bet you like combining the two then - but the question is, how much do you like gaming in bed?

According to a recent poll (via Kotaku), playing computer games in bed is more popular than many other activities - including sex!

In a poll of 2000 UK residents, bedroom retailer Sharps found that sex was only the tenth most popular activity for bed-bound brits. Computer games came in just above bedroom gymnastics at ninth place. Check out the top ten bedroom activities below, with a break down of how many minutes each activity occupies for the average person in the UK.

1. Sleeping (3150)
2. Talking (193)
3. TV (132)
4. Net surfing (122)
5. Reading (114)
6. Listening to music (105)
7. Using the phone (81)
8. Working (77)
9. Computer games (57)
10. Sex (35)

True? False? Utterly ridiculous attempt to get publicity? Most likely, but drop your thoughts in the forums regardless.
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