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July 14, 2006 | 16:51

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LAN News

WSVG: The first WSVG (World Cyber Video Games) was held in Dallas Texas USA this weekend. Touted as the premier event for LAN Gaming world wide, with players having to play in qualifying LAN events (Dreamhack Sweden & Lanwar USA) in order to qualify for the WSVG Intel Summer Championships, after many days of enjoying the competition and all the fragging that took place we have the final positions in the Quake 4 and Counter Strike 1.6 competitions below:

  • 1. SK.toxic ($20,000)
  • 2. Stermy ($15,000)
  • 3. fnatic/Ztrider ($10,000)
  • 4. Fatal1ty ($6,500)
  • 5. coL.socrates ($4,500)
  • 6. fox ($3,750)
  • 7. x6//cl0ck ($2,250)
  • 8. fnatic/2GD ($1,500)

Counter Strike 1.6:
  • 1. compLexity ($40,000)
  • 2. aTTaX ($27,000)
  • 3. fnatic ($20,000)
  • 4. 4Kings ($13,500)
  • 5. mousesports ($9,000)
  • 6. g3x (7,500)
  • 7. CheckSix.usa ($4,500)
  • 8. Speed-Link ($3,000)

As you can see from the above results the UK team 4Kings.Intel performed well in the CS1.6 event coming 4th, and Jay “2GD”Harding of fnatic coming top 8 in the Quake 4 1v1 dueling event. Big up the Brits!

Counter Strike 1.6 – Prize Fight Infinity Gaming 3 Championships: The 22nd-23rd July 2006 in Swindon will be a 32 team LAN event where the best from the UK will be in attendance to see who walks away with over £2000 Prize pot and hardware. The top 5 seeded teams are atr, virtuoso, tmgamers, eom and Reason Gaming. Check back for pictures and news from the event.

Halo 2 – Endurance III LAN: On 12th-13th August 2006 in Birmingham at the Aston Villa Sports Centre will be a huge Halo 2 Console Event for the UK community, with space for over 350 Gamers/Spectators and some top prizes up for grabs. It will surely attract some of the best players from around the country.

Already confirmed for the event are the UK and EU Halo 2 Champions Reason Gaming, consisting of Ruffell, La1, Lethal & Bambi who are currently preparing for the Orlando MLG (Major League Gaming) event in the USA. They are the current Endurance champions having won the previous event (Endurance II). Watch this space for build up coverage.

Online Gaming news

Call of Duty 2 Eurocup: The Clanbase COD2 Eurocup now enters the final week of playoff games, with 4 possible space up for grabs for the LAN Finals. The teams have been hard training and playing matches, and we can now confirm that 3 of 4 the LAN Finals space have been taken with 1 match left to play. The following teams have qualified for the LAN finals: CheckSix, Team Dignitas, Tek9.

The final space is still up for grabs with the remaining match yet to be played between Speedlink and DigitalMind on the map Carentan. The winner of that match will grab that final space for the LAN Finals and a shot at taking a chunk of the $9500 prize purse.

Check back for more online gaming news soon! Let us know your thoughts over in the forums.

Gavin Baille manages Reason Gaming, one of the UK's leading eSports clans. Check out
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