subject to hate crimes

Written by Joe Martin

August 6, 2007 | 11:14

Tags: #attack #denial-of-service #dos #gamer #gay #hate-crime #racist, a site aimed at providing news and reviews for gay gamers, as well as being a safe haven for gay gamers, has been taken offline after a series of malevolent and hateful attacks forced it off the internets. Yes, all of them,

Flynn DeMarco, the owner of and weekend editor for Kotaku, said that what started as a series of small denial of service attacks on Wednesday morning soon grew into something more threatening. Throughout Thursday the site suffered occasional time-outs but was working on fixing the problem.

Come Friday the site, working with its host, was able to block the IP address the DOS attacks were stemming from. This only made matters worse however as the the sites forums and chat rooms were soon flooded with hate speech and death threats against the sites providers, writers and members.

According to DeMarco, all of the attacks and posts originated from the same IP in Philidelphia.

The site continued to work on managing the forum attacks but the host eventually decided to take the site down until the denial of service attacks could be permanently blocked. has issued the following official statement about the incident;

"Hello, faithful readers: As you might have noticed, we have had some connection issues in the last few days and now the site is completely down. I'm sad to say that we have been the target of homophobic hackers. Thankfully, they didn't get to our database so all of our stuff is still intact. At this point we are just waiting for our service provider to ensure everything is good before putting the server back online. Hopefully, this will be resolved by the end of this weekend, so please keep checking back. You can't keep a good gay gamer down, so we'll be back before you know it, serving up all the sassy game content you can handle. Cheers, Fruit Brute"

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