Gearbox dismisses Borderlands 2 rumours

Written by Joe Martin

January 11, 2011 | 09:49

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Gearbox Software has rubbished rumours that upcoming FPS Aliens: Colonial Marines has been pushed back to a 2012 release date as the team is refocused on making a sequel to 2009's Borderlands.

Rumours sprung up yesterday when Destructoid re-reported rumours from the Neo-Gaf forums where a Gearbox interview in US magazine EGM was being discussed. Gearbox's Randy Pitchford has since confirmed that there is no truth to the rumours in a comment to Eurogamer.

'I am certain that I haven't discussed anything specific regarding Aliens: Colonial Marines with anyone beyond emphasising how passionate I am about the title and how committed my studio and I are to making it great,' said Pitchford.

'It looks to me like whomever made that post on NeoGAF made an interpretation that could be misleading or inaccurate.'

Pitchford also went on to comment that, not only is Aliens: Colonial Marines not delayed, but that Borderlands 2 is not in development at the moment.

'I'm a little surprised [Destructoid] didn't bother to try and e-mail myself or our folks before extrapolating that NeoGAF post even further,' added Pitcford. '[Destructoid] even referenced Borderlands 2? What's Borderlands 2? Bah! And El Oh El!'

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