Gerstmanngate didn't hurt Kane and Lynch

Written by Joe Martin

June 5, 2008 | 13:40

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There's nothing worse than bad publicity for a product, right? And if that's true then Eidos' Kane and Lynch can't have done too well at all. The game was the cause of the whole Gerstmann-gate fiasco which saw Gamespot reviewer Jeff Gerstmann allegedly getting the sack over a disagreement resulting from advertising pressures and low scoring.

The scandal certainly didn't do anything good for the reputation of Gamespot, but if you were thinking that the scandal might have actually hurt the sales performance of the IO Interactive developed Kane and Lynch then you'd be wrong.

In a recent interview with, IO's business development director Thomas Howalt claimed otherwise and said that the game was still selling well.

"It sold well, we broke even and it's still selling. We had some really harsh reviews and there was all this noise about this thing with GameSpot and it sort of went over my head whatever people were fighting about," said Thomas.

"You know, what I see today is a lot of people picking it up, playing the free levels we put out. We get a lot of people playing online. You can argue are the graphics good enough, is it up there with the best? But it only takes two weeks and you're no longer the best looking game out."

"I've been playing games since Pong so I take these things lightly. In the end it's about sales and we have games like Freedom Fighters which is still selling."

Now that the hub-bub has died down, what do you reckon to Kane and Lynch? What about integrity of games review sites? Let us know what you think in the forums.
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