Is this GTA: Next Gen?

Written by Wil Harris

July 1, 2005 | 08:54

Tags: #360 #grand-theft-auto #gta #ps3 #san-andreas #xbox-360

This appears to be a shot from the next-generation version of Grand Theft Auto.

Originally turning up on Jeux-France and coming to us via the chaps at Games Radar, the shot shows the traditional GTA landscape of buildings, cars and cannon fodder - but looking oh-so-much-more-spangly than before.

The shot is allegedly from the PS3 version, although Jeux-France predict that the game will also be coming to the 360 and will include online play. It also seems like there will be further steps taken in the RPG direction hinted at in San Andreas, with characters' stats changing over time. It also looks like you may have to watch the fuel levels in the vehicle you steal! The game looks to be set, at least at the moment, in contemporary society, eschewing the retro feel of the past two games.

Known for its fairly loose outlook on morality, how long can it be before the traditional naysayers start berating the fact that, thanks to the HD graphics, the hookers you kill now look like real hookers?

The GTA engine is looking a little long in the tooth now, having stayed essentially the same since the first 3D version of the game. We can't wait for a next-gen update, although we hope we don't have to play it with that outrageously awful new PS3 controller.

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