GTA IV PC to use SecuROM

Written by Joe Martin

December 1, 2008 | 11:26

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It's been confirmed that Rockstar will be using the SecuROM copy-protection DRM in the upcoming PC version of Grand Theft Auto IV, with a number of restrictions being placed on the game as a result.

We invest a considerable amount of time and effort to release each title, and employ a large number of people in the process. Having copy protection allows us to protect the integrity or our titles and future investments,” Rockstar told IGN. “But at the same time we have worked very hard to ensure that our solutions do not persecute the legitimate players of our games.

The SecuROM DRM will be present in both the Games For Windows branded retail release and the various online releases, such as the one on Steam. It's also worth pointing out that the online releases will still use the Games For Windows Live system to run the multiplayer.

The disc will not be required for versions of the game bought digitally, obviously, but retail versions of the game will require the disc to be in the drive in order to run the game.

Detailing the way that the DRM is used, Rockstar said that the game will need to be activated before it can be used, promising that while online activation is the quickest option there is an offline route as well.

There is apparently no limit on the number of installs that players can have from the retail version however, though digital version may vary according to Rockstar. With a retail copy you can install as many times as you might care to activate and setup the game.

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