Hackers target core net routers

Written by Brett Thomas

February 7, 2007 | 14:28

Tags: #hack #root

Companies: #icann

A quick news byte for you all:

Late Tuesday night, a "hacking" group attacked some of the internet's most important components. The thirteen root servers used for addressing and indexing sites were attacked for hours, though with little effect.

The attack is believed to have come from a rather large hacking group in Asia, and is the largest in the past 5 years. However, despite being large-scale, well organized and lengthy, it did little to actually injure web traffic. According to Paul Levins, VP of Corporate Affairs for ICANN, the atttack "was a significant and concerted attack, but the average internet user would have barely noticed."

It's unsure exactly what goal the group had in targeting these servers, aside from just attempting to cause mayhem. If that was indeed the purpose, then the group has very little to do with actual hacking. True hackers (either white or black hat) generally pride themselves on simply seeking information or understanding the systems, not on causing destruction or chaos.

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