Half-Life 2: Episode One pre-loading now

Written by Ryan Garside

May 2, 2006 | 14:14

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The highly anticipated first release of the new episodic content for Half-Life is now available to download through Steam, though you won’t be able to play it until June 1st.

Valve is providing incentives for pre-loading through Steam. If you preload now you will be under no obligation to buy the game but if you are going to buy the game then you will receive 10% off the $19.95 price. Presumably Valve want as many people to pre-load as possible so they can get an early indication of how popular the game is going to be.

After going through the painless process myself this morning, we can tell you it takes roughly 15 minutes, assuming you already have Half-Life 2 installed. As a quick reminder, Valve hasn't made it necessary to have Half-Life 2 to play the Episode One content.

Valve is pretty busy at the moment, it would seem, with the release of Sin Episode 1: Emergence now just over a week away, and also available for pre-loading.

Will you be pre-loading Episode One and save yourself 10% or will you be waiting to find out if the game is worth your hard earned cash? Let us know in the forums.
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