Half-Life 2: Episode One is out today!

Written by Wil Harris

June 1, 2006 | 11:10

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The next update in Valve's Half-Life 2 franchise is almost upon us.

The preloading has been and gone, and the game is released at 10AM PST today - that's 6PM for all us Brits.

We're all very excited here at BitHQ, and every one of us has their Steam clients open, hoping in vain that Valve might somehow mess up and release early. Fat chance, huh?

You know that we like to review the top games as soon as they hit the (virtual) shelves, and Episode One is no different. We're going to be liveblogging our way through the five or six hours of gameplay, bringing you our thoughts, feelings, yelps of excitement and inevitable RSI onset as it happens. Check back later on this afternoon for the pre-game warmup. The aim, of course, will be to tell you whether or not it's worth splashing out your own twenty bucks on.

We'll also be inviting readers to give us their own 'live' impressions in a forum thread later on today.

The odds are risky. Half-Life 2 was clearly one of the best games ever created, so who could face missing out on the episodic update? That said, the expansion packs for the first Half-Life were a bit ho-hum, so can Valve get it right this time?

Will you be getting straight on to Steam to download, or will you eagerly watch our liveblogging first? Let us know what you think over in the forums.
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