Halo Wars details emerge

Written by Joe Martin

June 10, 2008 | 14:21

Tags: #co-op #halo #halo-wars #peter-jackson

Halo Wars has become a bit of an in-joke recently and rumours that the game has become vapourware have been circulating since time out of mind - but it looks like the Halo-inspired RTS may not have gone the way of Duke Nukem Forever after all as a few new details about the game have slipped out in the last day or two.

In a recent copy of GamePro magazine a load of new screenshots and details have been dumped on the masses, including information about an online co-op mode for the Xbox 360 RTS.

The preview also reveals that the game will come with support for up to six player matches over Xbox Live, though online co-op modes will be limited to just two players.

A few new units have been unveiled too - the UNSC Vulture, Cyclops and Cobra to name a few.

If you're more interested in how exactly a co-op RTS will work on the consoles then you may want to head over to the Halo Wars Addict fansite, which is currently hosting a chart of the planned control scheme for the game.

Can an RTS game ever work on a console, or is the more pressing issue how Halo-ed out you feel? Let us know in the forums.
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