Halo fan banned from Xbox Live until 10,000AD

Written by Tim Smalley

September 10, 2007 | 12:58

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A Halo fan has been reportedly banned from Microsoft’s Xbox Live service until the end of the year 9,999 AD after he got his hands on a test build of the game.

The fan, who describes himself as an achievement whore and has a GamerScore of over 61,000, goes by the name “Scar”. He told GameSpot that he was given the Halo 3 Epsilon test build by a friend and used a glitch, known as the two-controller exploit, to get the game into his account.

“I downloaded it from Marketplace and played it for maybe six hours or so all alone,” he said.

After this period, it kicked him off Xbox Live every time he tried to play the test build and it wasn’t until the following morning that he found he had been banned.

Apparently, Scar isn’t the only one to have got hold of the game and been banned from Xbox Live – he says he knows of at least 10 others who have downloaded the game and been banned for the same period of time.

He has said that he will not appeal the ban, as other games that got hold of the Halo 3 Epsilon build have called support to appeal against the ban without any luck.

Reps from both Microsoft and Bungie haven’t officially commented on the 7,992-year bans, but sources have reportedly said the bans looked legit.

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