Halycon planning Philp K. Dick games

Written by Joe Martin

May 27, 2008 | 11:23

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Halycon Company, the production company with the rights to make films based on the stories of Philip K. Dick, has announced that it is also planning to make videogame adaptations of the seminal authors work.

According to a report in the The Guardian, Halycon Company is eager to make game adaptations of two of Dick's stories that will run alongside a major animation and two movie adaptations.

"Philip's daughters have never allowed anyone this kind of access before," commented Victor Kubicek, joint CEO of Halcyon. "Until we closed the deal we didn't realise how coveted the library was in Hollywood."

Dick wrote over 44 novels and 120 short stories in total, including many undisputed classics of the sci-fi genre. His writing style was often bizarre but strangely lucid and his stories often discussed the fragile nature of reality - something Dick himself was all too familiar with.

Dick's stories have been adapted for the big screen many times and films based on his books include Minority Report, Blade Runner, A Scanner Darkly and Total Recall. Games meanwhile have been less represented, with only a handful of published titles, most notably the EA published Blade Runner in 1999 which had massive success.

Can another game adaptation of Philip K. Dick's possibly work? Could Flow My Tears, The Policeman Said be a decent third-person shooter, or would it be trumped by an RTS spin on Now Wait For Last Year? Let us know what you think in the forums.
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