Haze will always be PS3 exclusive

Written by Joe Martin

March 18, 2008 | 11:28

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I have to answer a lot of questions about Haze since I'm the only person in the office who has actually played the eagerly awaited, but often delayed PlayStation 3 shooter. The question I have to field most often is; "When is it coming to Xbox and PC?"

The answer is: Never. Not ever.

RipTen confirmed the exclusive nature of the FPS-with-a-brain with some Ubisoft executives at a recent Play.com event.

PC and Xbox 360 ports of the game had long been rumoured to be in the works, but the official line had never confirmed or denied that there were plans for a non-PlayStation version.

Haze tells the story of a corporation-run future where a performance enhancing drug called NECTAR has put the world under the control of a company called Mantel. As a soldier in Mantel's private army, the player will see how reality can be twisted through drug-use and experience first hand the brutality of a war where there is no right or wrong - only different perspectives.

Check our extensive hands-on with Haze for more details.

Haze is still slated for a Q1 release in Ubisoft's financial reports, which translates to a April or June release. Can't wait? Let us know in the forums.
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