Hitman movie will have definite R rating

Written by Joe Martin

October 12, 2007 | 12:19

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Yesterday news leaked out that the Hitman movie may get a PG-13 rating, which would equate to a 12A here in the UK. The news obviously bothered a lot of people and there were complaints that the violent Hitman franchise could never really be made suitable for a family audience.

The rumour originated after sources claimed that the director, Xavier Gens, had been removed from the project so that Fox Studios could re-edit the film into a more family friendly cut.

That rumour has now been confirmed as false.

Kotaku has apparently been in contact with Fox Studios, who have confirmed that the film will not be getting cut down and that the studio is ready to 'embrace an R rating'. An R rating would be equivalent to a 18 rating here in the UK.

The new editor discussed in the original rumours is in actual fact Nicholas De Toth, who has been bought on board as part of a team of editors and consultants to help keep the tone of the film in line with the series.

The studio has confirmed that Xavier Gens, a man with a record of making incredibly violent films, is still attached to the project and is taking an active role in the editing process.

For us though that news only goes so far and we're still a little dubious about the film, mainly because the actor playing Agent 47 looks far, far too young and babyfaced.

What do you think? Will the movie be any good or will it be a box office bomb? Let us know your opinions in the forums.
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