Incredible Half-Life 2 scenes rendered

Written by Wil Harris

May 11, 2005 | 09:58

Tags: #half-life #half-life-2 #hdr #hl2 #lighting #render

A Half-Life crazy render guru has created some absolutely gobsmacking scenes, by taking hi-resolution renders of in-game models and compositing them on real-life photographs.

By importing in-game models into 3DStudio max, a chap by the name if DaikenTana has created realistic light models from outdoor photographs he's taken, rendered the models at an incredible quality, and then added them into the scene.

The effect is absolutely stunning, with many viewers questioning at first glance whether the pictures of the soldiers were simply men in suits, or at worst, tiny miniatures self-sculpted and well-photographed.

DaikenTana pitches his art as 'HDR lighting in HL2', which, as we all know, will be coming with the Lost Coast level, later in the year.

We suspect, however, that it won't look quite as good as this.

You can find the pictures over here. I, for one, and itching to get some wallpaper-sized versions.
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