HMV opens in-store gaming zone

Written by Joe Martin

October 15, 2007 | 10:59

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HMV has been having a bit of a tough time as of late and the internet has been sapping away a fair bit of business from the retail chain. Rather than getting grumpy and fighting back with DRM and such like, HMV has decided to take a different route and will be opening up a gaming zone in the flagship Edinburgh store this Friday.

The gaming zone will be set across a 2000 square foot space according to and will house 27 Xbox 360s and HD screens, offering multiplayer for up to 16 players and full XBL access.

The gaming zone will be supported by a membership scheme which will charge customers £5.00 for three hours of game time. The retailer will also be running regular events and competitions with games like Guitar Hero III and Halo 3 already confirmed as part of the line-up.

"Games are now an integral part of the HMV offer," said Tim Ellis, Head of Games at HMV "it's about getting our customers closer to the things they love, and giving them access to content however they wish to consume it."

"If the HMV gaming zone proves a hit, then we'll consider if there are opportunities to roll out the concept to other stores in the chain," he added.

Having recently been to see the Omega Sektor LAN centre in Birmingham, it looks like gaming zone may be making a bit of a comeback and HMV may face some stiff competition. What do you think of this new move though? Let us know in the forums.
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