Huge Seal indie sale launches

Written by David Hing

November 19, 2013 | 09:03

Tags: #sale

Companies: #frozenbyte #indie

Attack of the Huge Seal, a sale of 35 indie games using Steam vouchers has gone live.

The deal, hosted by indie developer Frozenbyte, asks customers to sign in to their Steam accounts and build their own sale by selecting discount vouchers for a list of games. Vouchers range from 40% to 85% off their price on Steam.

After selecting five titles and then using the discount codes to buy the games, customers can start again with new vouchers if they wish. If your Steam library is public, you will also qualify for a random free game for every three bought with the voucher codes.

The actual current prices and how much of a saving you will be making are not listed on the site and the codes do need to be redeemed manually through Steam and applied before starting the purchase of the relevant title. There are also no restrictions to using the discount codes on gift copies.

Some of the games included in the deal are Mark of the Ninja, the Trine series, La Mulana, Legend of Grimrock and FTL. Many of the 35 titles listed are also available on Mac and Linux as well as Windows-based systems.

The motivation behind the campaign is listed in the FAQ as Frozenbyte wanting to help indie games gain a little more visibility and support sales of fellow developers.

The Attack of the Huge Seal ends on November 24 and the remaining discount codes expire on November 25.
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