id Software loves Games For Windows

Written by Joe Martin

July 26, 2007 | 12:04

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The gaming design gods over at id Software have been a bit vocal lately, with John Carmack publicly stating his lack of belief in dedicated PPU systems and the following response from Ageia being just one of the debates which id Software has entered into.

Now, it's Tim Willits' turn.

Willits, who is a lead designer for id Software, has reaffirmed his belief in Microsoft's Games For Windows brand in a recent interview over at

"Some people say it's a little too Big-Brotherish, but it's a legitimate progression of making the PC feel more - not like a console, but like a closed system," Willits told

"For us, if there's a way to link a Live account into your security for your game in a nice closed system, it would help reduce the piracy, which kills us, and is killing the industry. At least Microsoft is doing something, and I think that they're in a position to do it."

Some gamers are still critical of the Games For Windows label however as, in order to play against 360 users, it requires both a copy of Vista and a yearly subscription to the Xbox Live service.

Willits however thinks that despite Microsoft's early stumbles, the system still has a bright future;

"As we move forward, if it can help prevent piracy, if it can help people connect together, if it can help things be more uniform, so when end users buy any PC game they know how to connect, they know how to search for games - I do think it will help the games industry, and it's just the way things are going to need to move."

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