IGN Nintendo PR Scandal erupts

Written by Joe Martin

December 20, 2007 | 09:51

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VGMWatch publicly revealed yesterday that IGN Nintendo Editor, Matt Casamassina, may have some serious conflict of interest issues based on the fact that he is married to Edie Kissko - the Vice President of Nintendo's PR firm, Golin Harris.

The fact that Matt and Edie were married was never a massively covered up secret, but could obviously cause potential harm to the reputation of IGN now the marriage is public knowledge. Worse, the 'breaking news' as published by VGMWatch comes very shortly after the GameSpot/Eidos Scandal.

Readers, already dubious of the reliability of sites such as IGN and GameSpot, may now harbor concerns that IGN Nintendo could be even less reliable than thought.

"The buck stops with IGN and Nintendo to address any conflicts of interest they may have. Simply put, the line between product coverage and sales should be clear and uncompromised. The mere appearance of journalistic impropriety of this magnitude should be avoided." Said David Gornoski in the original article.

When approached for comment by Kotaku, Golin Harris would only comment that that all employees on the Nintendo account sign a strict confidentiality agreement.

Matt however gave the following comment;

"While I would prefer to keep my wife and kids out of the public spotlight, the fact that Edie and I have been happily married for several years is no secret. Nintendo and IGN / FOX have been aware of our relationship since we first started dating. We're professionals. Both of us have signed strict confidentiality agreements with our respective employers and, incidentally, we leave what happens on the job at our home's front door."

How seriously could this affect the reliability of IGN in your eyes? Should Matt or Edie have sought another position in order to retain journalistic integrity? Let us know what you think in the forums.
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