Independent Games Festival opens

Written by Joe Martin

June 18, 2007 | 09:41

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We love us some indie games here at bit-tech, whether they be short and sweet adventure games like Pilot Light, or crazy-ass Ninja platformers like N. We're obviously very happy then that the Independent Games Festival has opened to submissions once more, as the festival always attracts the most inventive and stunning of indie titles, all of which compete for the $20,000 Seumas McNally Grand Prize.

Previous entires for the IGF competition have included Narbacular Drop which was featured in the 2006 Student Showcase and which was put into development as Portal when Gabe Newell hired the whole team to work for Valve.

Other winners included the equally brilliant Professor Fizzwizzle, a charming cartoon-like puzzle platformer, and Rumble Box, a 3D arena fighting game based around cardboard boxes.

There are a whole number of categories open to all manner of different games and mods, and with ten years of success behind it, the IGF is a great platform for bedroom developers to reach their audience through. Gamers meanwhile benefit from a hub of creative, freeware games and the chance to support small development teams.

The IGF is open to all manner of games this year, in any form or format, on PC or console.

Thinking of entering, or just have an indie game you want to tell us about? Either way, the forum is the place to go.
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