Kane and Lynch movie, sequel

Written by Joe Martin

October 5, 2007 | 10:15

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Kane and Lynch: Dead Men is one of the more exciting games of the year for people in the know, combining an epic tale of criminal activities and revenge with a gritty presentation and schizophrenic team-mates. Set to launch at the same time as the Hitman movie, i.e. the end of November, the game will be available on PS3, PC and Xbox 360 and looks like it'll be a smash hit already.

In fact, Eidos revealed today that it's so confident about the game that the movie rights have been sold off and a sequel in already in production.

We believe it has the potential to be a franchise for adults that is respected and loved in the same way as Hitman,” CEO of Eidos Jane Cavanagh told MCV. “The marketing spend reflects our confidence both in the title and the franchise, which has already been optioned for a Kane & Lynch movie by Lionsgate.

“We’ve already got Kane & Lynch 2 in production, which just goes to show the belief we have in it as a long-term franchise.

Having gone hands-on with Kane and Lynch a little while ago (expect a preview shortly), we can already assure genre fans of the games quality and confirm that the game plays very much like Hitman - albeit with subtle squad tactics, more psychotics and no penalties for killing everyone. Not surprising really since Kane and Lynch is designed by IO Interactive, the developer behind the Hitman series.

The game, which tells the story of two escaped convicts who are blackmailed into working together to raise cash for a group called The Seven, is frankly looking pretty damn good. It's no wonder then that Eidos has spent more money advertising the game than they did on Tomb Raider: Legend, apparently.

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