Kickstarter crosses pond for UK projects

Written by David Hing

October 15, 2012 | 07:32

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Kickstarter is opening its doors to UK-based creators at the end of October.

People in the UK looking to launch a crowd-funding page can already start building their project pages on Kickstarter and they will have the ability to actually launch their pages on October 31.

Projects from the UK will sit alongside all other Kickstarter projects and won't be hosted on a dedicated UK site. Backers can pledge money to projects in exactly the same way as any other project listed on Kickstarter.

Whereas projects from the UK will be listed in pounds sterling, backers from other territories will see an equivalent cost in US dollars when pledging funds. The all-or-nothing element of raising funds and the fees that Kickstarter will take upon completion remain unchanged from the regular service.

Kickstarter coming to the UK was first announced in July. Along with the announcement of UK project support, Kickstarter has also launched more streamlined international shipping options for projects in the US and the UK. Creators also now have the option to limit their projects to domestic funding only to eliminate the complications of international delivery.

'This is the product of months of work by our team, and we want to thank them for their hard work,' said a Kickstarter spokesperson. 'Thanks as well to all the UK creators who have patiently waited for this day. We can’t wait to start backing your projects.'

Crowd funding is still a popular route to funding indie game projects, but some developers are starting to administrate it themselves to avoid paying a cut to a service like Kickstarter. Recently, Introversion's Prison Architect alpha build crowd funding project and Chris Roberts' Star Citizen have both opted to crowd fund through their own sites.
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