Kinect being dropped from Xbox One packages

Written by David Hing

May 14, 2014 | 11:00

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The Xbox One will no longer be sold bundled with the Kinect motion sensor peripheral as of June 9.

The new Xbox One bundle without the Kinect will be sold at £350 bringing the price in line with the Playstation 4. A current bundle including the peripheral costs between £400-£440.

When the Xbox One was first announced, Microsoft claimed that it would not be usable without the Kinect device being attached. This statement gradually softened over time with the admission that the console would function with the peripheral attached and now the company will start selling the Kinect device for gamers who want to pick it up later on instead.

The decision to unbundle was made as a result of feedback from Microsoft’s partners and one assumes from the gaming community that felt frustrated about the Kinect being included with the console and increasing the base price.

Launching in November 2013, the Xbox One has performed well in terms of sales but lately appears to have been outpaced by its rival the Playstation 4. In January, sales figures from the two rival companies showed that the Xbox One had sold 3 million while the Playstation 4 was pulling ahead with 4.2 million sales.

More recent figures suggest the Playstation 4 has crested 7 million sales while Microsoft has been more taciturn about the number of Xbox One units it has shifted.

The first Kinect for the Xbox 360 launched in 2010 and was quickly adopted by the hobbiest-hacker community who found a range of innovative uses for the device. Unfortunately the peripheral never saw any major break-out titles during its initial run.

The Kinect that has so far been shipping with the Xbox One is an improved model sporting improved body tracking, the ability to measure the precise angle of your hands and the ability to analyse the weight you put on each limb whilst moving. The newer device also has less problems with lighting conditions required to detect players.
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