Konami explains MGS4 delay

Written by Joe Martin

November 9, 2007 | 09:53

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Some people are confused about the Metal Gear Solid 4 release date, something which probably stems from the difference between the Japanese, American and European financial years. Thankfully, Konami has been kind enough to talk about it semi-publicly.

According to Kotaku Konami investors held a closed-door meeting today in Tokyo and laid out exactly what the plan is for the game. Konami apparently remains committed to a release in the first quarter of next year, but because the Japanese financial year ends March 31st that actually means that the game will probably be released between April and July in Japan.

This means the game has been delayed from the original late December. The very earliest that PAL territories can expect to see the game will be June 2008.

During the meeting the Chief Financial Officer for Konami explained to investors, who were no doubt worried about the drop in share value for the company, that the delay was actually good for investors. Konami shares dropped by 7 percent to a 4 year low after the delay was first announced.

The Konami CFO explained to investors that the delay means the company will be able to reach more fans worldwide and that the extra time afforded to developers will ensure a higher quality game.

Oh, and this means sales of the game will all fall in one financial year too - hopefully driving share prices up higher than if the sales had been split between two financial years. Damn those fiendish accountants!

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