LA Times responds to California Game Law

Written by Joe Martin

August 14, 2007 | 11:30

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Arnold 'The Governator' Schwarzenegger has earned himself quite a lot of scorn from gamers lately after supporting a California law to treat games as adult material. However, opposition has mainly been stemming from within the games industry and the law has proven popular with some parents and anti-game groups.

The LA Times has recently leant its weight to the argument, surprisingly siding with gamers and opposing The Governator for his refusal to let the issue drop after the law was thrown out by American courts.

The law, which would impose $1000 fines on retailers selling fuzzily-defined 'violent' games to minors, was thrown out of court as it would violate the first amendment. Arnie has responded by pledging to appeal the dismissal.

In a recent editorial piece, the LA Times has given its opinion;

"Of course parents should screen the games their kids play. Parents should also limit the amount of time their kids watch TV, and shield them from all sorts of content they may be too young to process critically. But those are parental duties, not governmental ones. And the more lawmakers try to take over for parents on these issues, the more they run afoul of the Constitution."

The article also touches on Arnie's previous line of business - as a time-travelling robot bent on destroying the future of mankind in both violent movies and games. No newspaper article is complete without time-travelling robots, you know.

Who do you think should monitor game sales and ratings and what punishments and guidelines should be in place to guide parents and retailers? Post your thoughts in the forums and let the world know.
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