Lego MMO details revealed

Written by Joe Martin

June 1, 2007 | 11:30

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The new Lego MMO that's been hinted at for so long is finally starting to see the light of day, with a few snaps of concept art appearing all over the internets this morning.

In development by Lego and NetDevil, the game has been dubbed 'Lego Universe' and is aimed at adults and children alike. While there's been no chance to have a look at the game in action yet, the concept art already has us drooling at the possibilities and shows a futuristic Lego city, complete with some weird-ass alien monster hitting the bricks (literally) in downtown Legoland.

Details from Denmark point to the game combining both standard gaming conventions and the chance to build in a sandbox style using Lego bricks, plus the usual social netowrking utilities that go with MMO's.

The game is tentatively scheduled for release in the middle of 2008, with a public beta probably hitting just before that. 'Dedicated Lego fans' are said to already be testing out the games features, though exactly how dedicated you have to be isn't made clear.

Some of the press release borders on the weird though;

"Ultimately the LEGO Group want to offer the unique experience to play with the LEGO brick both virtually and physically together with your friends from all over the world, and you can even change from the physically to the virtual play as you like – 'You are in control'."

We're not entirely sure what that means. Perhaps a system that monitors which blocks your online buildings use, which can then ship over some plans and the required bricks? Sounds interesting to say the least.

What do you reckon of the new Lego games? Could this MMO be the WoW killer, if there even is such a thing, or will it just fall into obscurity? Let us know your reactions in the forums.
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