Lego Star Wars Saga announced

Written by Joe Martin

May 25, 2007 | 11:36

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The rumours have been circulating for a while now that Lucasart would be releasing another Lego Star Wars game that packaged the two trilogies together into one collection, and finally the rumours have been confirmed with a planned release taking place this Autumn.

Of course, it's just going to be two games in one box and gamers can look forward to a bucketful of bonus content depending on what their platform of choice is. While all major consoles will feature a handful of extra levels and three new playable characters in the form of Watto, Zam Wessel and Boss Nass, it's the 360 and PlayStation 3 that will feature the major upgrades and see an new online co-op mode integrated plus some new and improved graphics.

A new challenge mode is also hinted at in the press release, as well as enhanced force powers and the ability to customise characters using features across both trilogies.

There's no word on a PSP or PC version, which makes us feel a little left out to be honest, since the light-hearted take of Lego Star Wars on the much loved franchise made it one of our favourite games of the last few years.

Meanwhile, the DS version of the game will be completely rebuilt, "brick by brick", by Traveller's Tales. This can only be good news for those who were disappointed with the original, bug-filled DS version of the game.

So, it's obviously a little money-grabbing attempt from the Jedi-maker himself, but are you tempted to pick it up anyway? Let us know what you think about the Lego Star Wars series as a whole, and if it's possible that Lucasarts can make a game that isn't attached to the Star Wars mega-franchise, by dropping into the forums and posting until your heart is content.
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