Aspyr bets the farm on SteamOS success

January 19, 2015 | 12:19

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Aspyr Media has revealed that it is betting its future on the success of Valve's SteamOS project, and that despite the tiny minority of machines running Linux is already approaching a break-even point.

The Texas-based Apsyr, founded in 1996, has carved a niche for itself porting other companies' games to platforms including OS X, Linux and - for console-led titles - Windows. While the majority of its income comes from its majority share of the OS X gaming market, senior product and sales manager Michael Blair has revealed that its growing Linux work is a major focus for the company and that it is approaching the point where it pays for itself - after which, the theory goes, will follow profits.

'We are close to breaking even,' Blair explained in response to a Reddit thread querying the company's financial health, 'which is a HUGE win in our eyes!' Blair went on to explain that Valve's Steam Machine console and SteamOS Linux-based gaming operating systems are key to Aspyr's future. 'As many of you have guessed, we are making a long bet here with Steam Machines. And yes, if it weren't for Valve we wouldn't be doing it because we knew in the current market, break even was the best we could do (which is exactly why adoption has been scarce for Linux).

'What Valve is doing is creating a platform,
' Blair explained. 'Sure it will be a small one, but Aspyr has been the experts at small platform development for over 17 years. We are really good at it, and we will be really good at Linux in time.

'Keep being the amazing community you guys already are,
' Blair told the Linux sub-Reddit users in general when asked how they can support the company's efforts. 'Buy on Linux and ONLY Linux. Wait for the Linux version if you can. Buy directly from us if you can. Help us understand the wild west of distros, and be understanding when we can't possibly support all the permutations. More importantly, root for Valve and Steam Machines even if you know as a core Linux user you will likely stay open source with your rigs and distros. Its the ONLY way Linux gaming will move forward.'

Aspyr's recent work includes the Linux ports of Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, along with Civilization V and Civilization Beyond Earth.
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