Just Cause will be huge (literally)

Written by Ryan Garside

May 15, 2006 | 21:39

Tags: #360 #just-cause #ps2

For those of you who enjoyed the massively sprawling worlds of games like Elder Scrolls Oblivion and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, then upcoming PS2, 360 and PC game Just Cause could be one to get excited over. With new details being unveiled at E3 here’s the low-down from Eidos:

“An undercover agent is sent in to overthrow a corrupt government on an idyllic tropical island, by using whatever means necessary. As you parachute down through the clouds, high above the islands of San Esperito and admire the archipelago view, it begins.

Pushing the capabilities of any console, Just Cause is set on an unprecedented scale in terms of missions and size. The massive world will take the average gamer over 40 minutes to cross, from one end of the island to the other, and that's without being distracted by one of the 300+ missions you could choose to accept along the way.”

Sounds quite a lot like Atari’s ambitious, if technically flawed, Boiling Point from last year - although we're not sure how this compares with WoW's world of Azeroth, which is itself pretty massive. With over 1,225 sq. miles of land to explore by means of a variety of vehicles, this game is another demonstration of developer's desire to focus on massively expansive single player experiences.

The developers have previous made the successful Chronicles of Riddick game, so this one could be a big hitter for the 360. To tide you over in the mean time check out the eye candy over here and look forward to Autumn when the game is set to be released.

Let us know your view on massively open-ended single player games over in the forums.
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