Manhunt 2 PSP re-uncensored

Written by Joe Martin

November 1, 2007 | 09:29

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Manhunt 2. Sigh. Do I really have to go through explaining all the backstory again? How it was banned in the UK, then everywhere else, distribution was suspended, platforms left the game, then how the game was recut and released in the US but was still banned in the UK on account of the "casual encouragement of sadistic violence" and "unremittingly bleak tone" - do I really have to tell you all that again in one incredibly long sentence of dubious grammatical worth?

Well, yeah, I suppose I do. While I'm at it, I'll go ahead and mention how I think it was all a bit of a publicity stunt as well, intended to drive up hype for a game which has got rather mixed reviews.

Now, Manhunt 2 is in the front pages again - this time with a double-whammy. Firstly comes the news that the new version of the game, which has been re-cut so that execution sequences are now all blurry, has had the extra filters removed by a group of Russian hackers who toyed with the PSP version.

The hack itself is pretty complex and requires gamers to use a .ISO of the game and a copy of the PSP back-up tool UMDGen to edit some files so that the new filters can be turned off, according to information on the MaxConsole Forums.

The fact that the filter can be removed could prove a tricky issue in the future and the developers could find themselves in hot coffee in the near future. On the other hand, this isn't the type of hack which is easy to make and the blame could easily be laid at the feet of the hackers, especially if Rockstar disclosed the information to rating bodies beforehand.

Meanwhile, if you're living in the UK and therefore haven't played the game yet then you may be interested to know what all the fuss is about. You can check out a new comparison video which shows the differences between Manhunt, Manhunt 2 and the uncut version of the game which was previously banned. Be warned though, it isn't for the faint hearted or under-18s.

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