Mass Effect Limited Edition unveiled

Written by Joe Martin

October 4, 2007 | 10:05

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Mass Effect is one of the most hotly anticipated RPGs since the seminal Oblivion and looks like it could bring a breath of fresh air to a genre which has arguably been a bit slow as of late. With a fantastic galaxy-spanning plot which sees players trying to save the universe from a rogue alien secret agent, it's no wonder that the game has garnered such acclaim before it has even been released.

So, what better way to get everybody ready than to tease gamers with details of what may or may not be in the Limited Edition version of the game?

Team Xbox has apparently managed to get a confirmation from developer Bioware on just what will be in the shiny tin box of the Limited Edition version. No sooner had this news gotten out though then Chris Priestly, Bioware's Community Coordinator, told fans that there were no details about the Limited Collectors Edition to be had at the moment.

Um, ok.

Either way, here's what Team Xbox have been told is going to be in the case. There's no price announced just yet, so you'll just have to speculate about how much it may cost you.

  • Galactic Codex: Essentials (Fiction book)
  • A Future Imagined (Mass Effect art book)
  • The Art and Interactive Storytelling of Mass Effect (Bonus DVD)

The whole kit and kaboodle will probably come packaged in a tin case, so let's just hope they can get the discs to remain secure.

How much would you pay for this lot? Are special editions like this a waste of money or do you actually watch/read the extra bits? Let us know what you think in the forums.
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