Mass Effect PC confirmed

Written by Joe Martin

February 13, 2008 | 10:27

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Sometimes it's tough to keep up to date in this industry. Just yesterday Microsoft was claiming that BioWare's Mass Effect would be always be an Xbox 360 exclusive as far as they knew. Today though, EA has said it'll come to the PC this May - how things change.

EA has confirmed that it will publish a new, enhanced version of the stunning RPG this May. The mega-publisher recently bought up Mass Effect developer, BioWare and rumours of a PC port have been circulating ever since.

Apparently, the announcement of a port is part of an agreement between Microsoft and EA to bring future Xbox 360 games to the PC, though Mass Effect is the only title confirmed for porting.

Mass Effect, which was stunning enough to get a mention in our Top 10 Games of 2007 list, will be enhanced further for the PC. New content includes a streamlined inventory system more suited to the PC, a new decryption minigame and fully customisable controls for combat.

We're hoping the awfully slow elevator sequences will be sped up too.

Excited that you'll get a chance to play the RPG with a proper set of inputs, or worried about the potential quality of the port? Let us know in the forums.
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