Mass Effect staying a Xbox 360 exclusive

Written by Joe Martin

February 12, 2008 | 10:58

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Microsoft has done their best to slam rumours that Mass Effect will be coming to any other platforms than the Xbox 360 in an interview with MTV.

After game developer BioWare was bought up by EA the future of the series as a console exclusive was thrown into doubt and recent admissions that EA has struggled to make the most of developer acquisitions didn't do much to help.

Insider rumour-mill Surfer Girl Reviews Star Wars has also spoken on the topic, stating that Mass Effect will be available for the PC later this year with some new expanded content.

Microsoft's Shane Kim though has spoken on MTV about how Microsoft is eager to keep the game only on the Xbox 360 after the critical success of the franchise - the game even placed on our Top 10 Games of 2007.

Speaking on MTV, Shane said;

"We really care about our relationship with EA. BioWare's been a good partner for us. We're very happy with the success of "Mass Effect" and we want that to continue. From a platform perspective, is it the most important that Microsoft Games Studios publishes it or [rather] that it's exclusive to the platform? That's the way we have to think about it."

Asked if the full planned trilogy would continue to be Xbox 360 exclusive, Shane said that Microsoft is absolutely convinced that is the case.

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