Max Payne film fails to wow critics

Written by Joe Martin

October 16, 2008 | 12:22

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Initial reviews are out on the new Max Payne movie adaptation starring Max Wahlberg and the news isn't good - not that it usually is for Hollywood adaptations of game franchises.

Unfortunately, while films such as Doom and Silent Hill at least weren't totally awful in our humble opinion, the early reviews for Max Payne label it as having very few redeeming qualities.

"Horrid dialogue, surprisingly bad acting across the board, and some really dodgy sound editing...helped to drive an already sub-standard plot further into the ground," reads the Ain't It Cool News review of the film.

"I never have much interest in recounting a film's plot in my reviews, and having next-to-no memory of said plot doesn't help much. Payne's after the people who killed his wife, some people turn out to double-cross him, etc etc. It's so unbelievably dull, I'm struggling to find the energy to even write about it."

"...All the buzz you've been hearing about how this film is good is coming from people whose jobs depend on it making money. Do not give it the time of day."

Ouch. So, it seems that while the plot of the film tries to stay at least kind of close to the story of the game, it falls down on every other count.

Have you ever seen a decent film adaptation of a game, or are all of them doomed to be awful and terribly made films? Let us know your thoughts in the forums.
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