Max Payne goes film noir

Written by Wil Harris

June 29, 2005 | 08:15

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Max Payne is definitely coming to the silver screen, according to a report at Eurogamer.

Whilst no-one has been confirmed to play Max, the storyline will focus on the origins of the character, how he lost his family, and we hope it will also explain how he learned the ability to do Matrix-style slow-mo, too. Maybe there'll be 5 minutes of Max watching the DVD?

The film release will undoubtedly be accompanied by a new version of the game, which is now out of the hands of Remedy, its original creator. Its publisher, Take Two, decided that the performance of Max Payne 2 was sub-par financially, and is farming it out to a third party.

Remedy, meanwhile, is busy making Alan Wake, which will apparently be darker than Max. What is it with these brooding titular characters, eh?

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