Microsoft announces LittleBigPlanet clone

Written by Joe Martin

January 8, 2009 | 12:26

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CES 2009: Microsoft has announced a new eeriely familiar title for the Xbox 360, dubbed Kodu, which will let players create their own simple games. Sound familiar? That's probably because Sony recently did a similar thing with LittleBigPlanet on the PlayStation 3.

Not that LBP's game creation utilities were totally unique of course...grumble, grumble Garry's Mod...grumble, grumble. Consoles steall all their good ideas from PCs, it seems.

Microsoft's Kodu is set to be unveiled in the coming Spring via the Xbox Live Community Games Channel and will let players create their own levels and games using just the gamepad. At CES yesterday Microsoft's Robbie Bach even got a twelve year old kid up on stage to show how easy it is to work.

Kodu will apparently ship with a number of different games already pre-made in it that players can fiddle with if they want, but if you want to be really creative then you can design your own adventures using upwards of 200 basic building blocks that Microsoft has prepared.

The game will let players manipulate almost anything by the look of it too, from wireframes and timed actions to simple triggers and events. The game will then operate alongside a complex XNA program that will check your creations for programming errors and alert you to them.

Kodu was originally designed by Microsoft Research as a tool for children to play around with, but the company is now keen to make the game as universally accessible as possible.

The ball is in your court now, Nintendo.

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