Microsoft and Nintendo hate the world

Written by Joe Martin

November 28, 2007 | 10:59

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Greenpeace is never going to be happy with us hardware types, but there of levels which they can supposedly tolerate and a new ranking of eighteen of the top technology companies shows us just who they hate the most this year.

Normally the flak is all aimed at Apple, but this year the tide has turned and the hippies are angry at some different companies - especially Microsoft and Nintendo.

Companies are ranked on a 1 - 10 scale, with the higher the score the more environmentally friendly the company is deemed to be. Microsoft and Nintendo made it to the top of the list year, ranking as the most toxic and rainforest destroying companies in the industry.

Nintendo was the first company in the list to score a grand total of zero points, mainly because the company refuses to tell consumers exactly what substances and chemicals are used when manufacturing the Wii. Nintendo has also openly said that it has no plans to cut emissions or to reduce the number of hazardous chemicals used in it's products.

Other companies which made the list included Sony Ericson and Samsung, both of which scored 7.7 for their environmental policies. Whether or not you trust Samsung in this matter is an entirely different argument.

Nokia, which had previously been top-dog for it's conscientious policies, was slated for not living up to them this year and for failing to meet many targets.

What's your opinion on climate change and recycling? Do you bother to do your bit, or are you in Bill Gates' pocket too? Let us know in the forums.
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