Microsoft makes move towards in-game advertising

Written by Tim Smalley

May 5, 2006 | 11:36

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Microsoft is making a move towards video game advertising after announcing that it has bought Massive at the Redmond advertiser conference.

Massive is a company responsible for inserting adverts into computer games. The technology that Massive uses is different to the way that most video game advertisers work, by allowing marketers to deliver fresh advertisements into console and PC games via an internet connection. This includes Microsoft's own Xbox Live platform.

This means that titles using Massive's technology allow advertisers to change adverts as often as they choose, along with allowing the marketers to geo-target their campaigns.

Robbie Bach, President of Microsoft's entertainment and devices group, said the following about Redmond's in-game advertising intentions: "Make sure whatever you do doesn't interfere with the game playing experience. Do not interrupt someone when they are gaming. It is a very immersive experience."

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