Microsoft cutting back on Xbox Arcade ports?

Written by Joe Martin

April 1, 2008 | 11:59

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According to comments made by a Japanese developer, Microsoft has decided to distance itself from the faithful ports of old arcade games that have thus far been a hallmark of the Xbox Live Arcade service.

In comments made in an issue of Famitsu, Masaki Sakari of 5pb games revealed that Microsoft rejected a number of faithful arcade ports it had developed for the Xbox Live Arcade service.

"Out initial plan was to port lots of good arcade titles to XBLA. We talked to IP holders of these titles, and persuaded them. We secured these licenses, and finally talked with Microsoft," said Sakari.

"There they rejected all of our proposals saying, 'We are going to cut down faithful arcade ports.' We felt so frustrated."

The comment doesn't clarify exactly whether Microsoft is against the specific cave-shooter genre that 5pb specialises in, or if it is cutting down on all arcade ports in general. With a recent push for newer and more original content though, it looks like it could be the latter.

How do you feel about the Xbox Live Arcade service? Are there too many retro ports on there, or do you like nothing more than to kick back with a two controllers and an updated version of Golden Axe? Let us know in the forum.
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