Microsoft drops price on Xbox 360 line

Written by Joe Martin

August 7, 2007 | 11:11

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The Xbox 360 is a console which is fast dividing the bit-tech office into two camps; those who reckon it's worth the risk and those who still won't buy one because of the very high failure rate . Oh, and no; those people won't be calmed by the improved warranty now being offered by Microsoft.

Microsoft is adding yet more fuel to the fires of this office-dividing arguement today, dropping the price of the entire Xbox line in North America.

Retailers will, as of Wednesday the 8th of August, be dropping the prices of every version of the Xbox 360. The Core system will be dropping by $20 to $280, the Premium system will be dropping by $50 to $350 and the Elite will fall by $30 to $450. The Elite is already available in North America, but will not be released in Europe until August 24.

It's interesting to speculate just why Microsoft has decided to drop the prices right now, instead of waiting until later in the year. It's possible that Microsoft is hoping to charm those who are put off by the reports of continued hardware failures and cooling issues, but the timing still feels unusual considering that it was only recently that Peter Moore expanded the warranty on the console and pledged a billion dollars to help fix the problem.

Of course, he said that only shortly before scarpering off to EA Sports.

Are you enticed by the price drops, or are you a European reader who's waiting for the release of the Elite? Let us know what you think in the forums.
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