Minecraft gets release date

Written by David Hing

April 8, 2011 | 13:29

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Indie sensation Minecraft is set to finally shed its beta tag and get an official release on 11 November this year.

According to the game's creator, Markus Notch, the full version will not be radically different from the beta, and Mojang (the game's developer) will continue to add features as it does now.

'It's really more of a milestone when we finally get rid of the beta label, and some kind of goal for us to work towards,' said Notch on his blog. 'The plan is to be open with this and try to get people to cheer us on as much as possible.'

Minecraft has been on sale since it was in its alpha stage, albeit a very stable one. Notch is a big proponent of the idea of open development. 'I'd definitely want to release future games in the same way,' said Notch on a recent Reddit comment thread. 'Developing in the dark is scary and probably wrong.'

Minecraft development studio Mojang has also been working on a weather system recently. When patch 1.5 is released, Notch states there will be periodic snow and rain in relevant areas, which will make the sky darker and hide the sun, moon and stars.

To date, Minecraft has sold around 1.8million copies and has already raked in around €23 million (about £20million).

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