Oh my God! They killed Morpheus!

Written by Wil Harris

May 31, 2005 | 09:32

Tags: #dead #death #kill #matrix #mmorpg #morpheus #neo #trinity

A quick note from the Ars Technica journals this morning. Apparently, those of you not into the Matrix Online MMORPG (which, we suspect, is most of you) won't know that the game has killed off Morpheus.

One of the big appeals of the game was to be able to carry on the universe produced by the films in a manner that would constitute official canon. The ability to meet or play with Morpheus (oo err) was obviously a big draw for many Matrix fans. Now, however, he has finally been unplugged.

Poor old Morpheus, he really did get a raw deal. Finds The One, then has him die, along with his number two. Who does he get stuck with? Some old grandma. Not much of a substitute for the hot-to-trot Trinity, eh?

Anyway, you can find more devlopments on the Matrix MMORPG over at the official site. Unfortunately, as games journo ace Kieron Gillen pointed out, it probably isn't worth bothering.

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