New DS to have camera, MP3 player?

Written by Joe Martin

September 29, 2008 | 10:03

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Every once in a while this rumour that Nintendo is working on a new version of the monstrously successful DS handheld platform gets renewed and, though we may be cynics, our reaction is always the same.

Well, d'uh. Nintendo has always controlled the handheld market ever since the early days of the Gameboy and is still now dominating it with the everyman appeal of the DS, so it stands to reason that eventually they'd make a new version of it once sales start to decline.

The question is then; how will the new Nintendo DS differ from the current model?

Well, although there's been previous rumours and reports about the DS II having a larger screen, both of which may be touch-enabled a new report from Japanese group Nikkei Net has emerged which claims the DS II may boast even better features - a built-in camera and a music playback option. The report also mentions that the WiFi service for the DS II may be improved to allow it to connect to information terminals that could expand the non-gaming functions.

The report goes on to tell that the built-in camera will take pictures which the DS II will then be able to use in games to help add a new gimmick to the handhelds feature list. Unfortunately, the report also says that the new DS will definitely launch in Japan first, with overseas sales coming much later.

Nintendo meanwhile has refused to confirm or deny the rumours, but confirms that it is constantly looking at new projects.

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