New Aftermath screenshots

Written by Wil Harris

April 7, 2006 | 13:17

Tags: #aftermath #alyx #episode-1 #half-life-2 #release-date #screenshots

Hot off the press this morning we have some new screenshots of the game formerly known as Aftermath - Half Life 2 Episode 1.

The shots show Alyx getting up to some action and another shows the elite Combine guards that we all faced at the end of the original game. Walkers also seem to be making a reappearance.

We also managed to get our hands on the packshot for the retail version that will come out from Electronic Arts a few days after the Steam version hits. It features Alyx looking wistful over the barrel of a gun.

The new Episode One logo looks awfully like the Star Wars Episode One logo if you ask us. Hopefully the content will be a little better!

The game is out on 28th April, officially, but we have our sneaking suspicions that's it's already slipped to May.

Enjoy the new screens and drop us your thoughts on HL2E1 over in the forums.

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